Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crusty Nose

Poor boy has been sick and getting some new molars (I think) which makes for a very runny nose. He loved being in the stroller today (the coldest day yet) which is strange because Liam hasn't like strollers one day in his life before today.

I escaped after dinner tonight to the mall and left the boys to themselves. It was so nice to be able to wander and look at things at my own pace. 


  1. I would just like to say that I would be honoured to be pushed around in a stroller. Actually, maybe when you're home you could leave the boys and take me to the mall in the stroller!
    Molars, eh? That's the big time, good luck with that Liam!
    xox Aunty Ally

  2. hi....the coat looks good and warm. was it hard to get him into it?
    I miss Liam and the Curious books, the tampoline, accent on the line, jumping off the beds, asking for a movie, wanting chocolate milk, looking for Bumpa all day long, calling his nana....nanna, nanny, and the hugs and kisses that I was able to steal now and then.

  3. Ok Danes, tell Mr. Crusty Nose that he is to trade in his Curious George pipe for a lovely Lemonheads headband! They are on the move and should arrive in a matter of days.
    Um, this comment has nothing to do with your blog.
    Ha ha, love you guys,

  4. Very cute Dana - you just want to hug him.


  5. your photos are so cute
    thanks for sharing
    you're inspiring me to take more of my two


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