Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Alfie Gets in First"

This is a little book about a boy who runs ahead of his mommy and is so eager to get home first that he locks himself in the house and can't open the lock. His mom and the neighbour try lots of things to get the door unlocked but eventually Alfie is able to open the door himself. This was one of my favorite books when I was a little girl and this book is also similar to what happened to me and Liam yesterday. I walked out to the garage to get a loaf of bread from our freezer and left Liam in the house for just a second. When I got back, the door was locked and he couldn't open the lock again. He tried but just couldn't do it. He also tried to hand me keys through the glass. Then he started to cry, just like Alfie. I eventually climbed through the window and Liam forgot the whole thing.


  1. Beat her to it again!!!! cute cute cute!!!!

  2. How scary! I'm glad it all turned out OK. What a story for Liam as an adult!

  3. At first I was laughing, but then I was like, "Whoa, that's kinda scary." Very cute though that he tried to give you the keys through the window Glad it turned out okay. You're just like McGuyver Danes!
    Love Ally xox

  4. hi danes
    dad wants to know which window you went through. I am so glad that we read that book when you were home a few weeks ago...brought back lots of memories no doubt.
    Liam sounds like such a smart little guy to try to unlock the door and give you the keys.
    Glad that your story has a happy ending.
    and now to Robynn, the only reason you beat me here is because we were out in a boat on the ocean all day, and holidays are just like that.....look out I am coming home soon!
    love you dana, Liam and Brian.

  5. Why Dad wants to know which window I went through is funny. Maybe he too is impressed that i actually fit through a window. Anyways, I went through our bedroom window, it had been warm and the window was open the day before.

  6. Day, I used to LOVE that book. so funny! and crazy that it happened to you and liam! glad you were nimble and agile to get in a window! (by the way, i always look at your blog, just never comment. i'll start now though!)

    love becca

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  8. oh my goodness Dana! you must have been freaking out! what a story!
    Love the pictures you've posted... you're getting good! Can't wait to have you take some pics of Avery this summer.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend!
    Love ya,


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