Monday, November 12, 2012

Really? She's 2? How did this happen?
She is still very much our little baby. Hard not to be when you still wear 6-12 month clothes.
How did we ever live without you our sweet baby girl?

Here goes my list about Isla so I remember her at 2:

She refuses to call Liam Liam, he is Dubby.
She loves to swing and would swing all day if i didn't take her out.
She hangs on anything she can - the counter, the pews at church, back of chairs, anything hangable.
She eats about 4 times as much as Liam.
She loves her big baby and "bita baby".
No matter what I do, her hair always seems to be in a crazy mess.
She's fearless, except when Liam chases her around roaring at her.
She never. stops. running.
She insistent on a kiss and a "oh a hug" before anyone in our family leaves to go somewhere or before bed.
She can not get enough of "Elmo mo mo mok", aka "Elmo's got the moves".
She says thank you a lot on her own accord.

You are a dream come true sweet girl. We love you!!

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  1. how did i miss this????
    I love that list, so precious!!!


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