Friday, August 10, 2012

Sun, ice cream and swimming

Have I mentioned that I love summer? Well I do. I get sad when August comes because it's half over. We hit the pool here most days and have spent many a day (and night) swimming and enjoying the warmth. Liam has become an amazing swimmer, doing laps and "practicing for the Olympics" so he says. We spent some time north of Toronto in July too and enjoyed swimming in the lake, eating ice cream cones and staying up late watching tv series on dvd.  We also partied with lots of cousins :) 

Isla and Liam found a dead moth. Isla tried to kiss it and Liam screamed for her stop, she cried because she loves "bubs". 

A rare photo of me taken by B.

This girl LOVES her Nana. Liam said to Nana, "I don't even think Isla needs Mommy when she has you." He's right, Nana is a good replacement for me. And my babies are attached, they don't easily jump into another person's arms. But she does with her Nana.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying the least someone likes the extreme heat. ;) Love the pics of the littles, can't believe how much they've grown up in the last few months.

    Love Ally xox


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