Thursday, April 19, 2012


Been thinking and reading lately a lot about comparison. Women (myself included) who follow blogs, look at pinterest and read facebook updates that cause them to  feel like they're failing. Falling short. Don't we all have moments when feel like were failing?

We wonder why our house doesn't look like a page from Better Homes and our shelves aren't organized like that woman who blogs about her fabulous alphabetically organized spice rack. We aren't training for a half marathon or even a 5k. Our kids throw regular fits, flush unknown objects down the toilet, say embarrassing things in front of the neighbors and don't nap the amount of time we'd hoped for. Our rooms are messy, cluttered and sure don't look like a page from Pottery Barn kids. Were lucky if the laundry gets put in the dryer when its done, let alone make it to the drawers. When our kids stop their tantrums or wake from their nap, we don't greet them with a snack that is in the shape of a heart and crafts that are too complicated for a engineer. Comparing ourselves to women who succeed in specific areas make us feel like we've failed.

I know I struggle like this. But I know there's hope. My hope doesn't rest on these things. Sure, these are good things that we desire, but they'll never last. Following these things alone and forgetting that they'll never save us is putting our hope in the law. Of course we strive to have pretty and organized homes, regular exercise, children who are growing in faith and a desire to obey, creative ideas, but we can't do everything. We are but one small person with our own daily battles and struggles.We all have been given  gifts, strengths that help us bless our families and each other, but they're different.

I've been trying to spend a little less time on facebook, my phone and pinterest and a little more time thinking, reading and just playing with my kids. My kids want me not that woman online whose children make elaborate crafts and have the cutest snacks I've ever seen.

Liam told me the other day "Mom, get off your phone, I'm more important." And he's right, he is.

I'm thankful that I have freedom, thankful that mercy always trumps law.
Thankful for the quickness with which Liam forgives me.

So go on, be that woman that has the organized and labelled spice rack and handmade quilt, but know that it doesn't save you. Rest in that. Love that woman who you admire. Know that you are smiled upon for one reason alone and it really is only because of one person, one man who died to save you from comparison and to set you free.


  1. what a wonderful post and so true...wish I could go back and spend more time with you and Jonathan now. You just cannot know how incredibly proud of you, your heart and your motherhood I am. May God just bless you more and more! I love you so much!
    ps....this blog should go up on fb!

  2. I read an article just the other day about this! So true, I often feel that neither Kayla nor Tyler really gets my full attention and I worry about not stimulating Kayla enough during the day, not having vacuumed to the point that Tyler sometimes looks like a mothball after rolling around on the floor, etc. But it's those sweet in between moments where Kayla thanks me for being her mom or Tyler giggles at some silly game we're playing, those are the moments I try to focus on. And yeah, you're so right that none of the rest should matter as much, knowing that God just loves us unconditionally. Thanks for that Danes!

    Ally xox

  3. This is a first for me, I NEVER comment--however, your insights were so moving, so powerful, so beautiful, I just had to! I wish I had had your insight and wisdom when my boys were young. Time goes by so quickly, take the moments your children give you and hang on with both hands because before you know it; poof!
    Thanks for this Dana, we are never too old to learn these truths.
    Love your mom's walking buddy


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