Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Whiles - what day is it?

I knew I'd miss one. But looks like I missed two! B and I got to go out the other since my parents were here babysitting. It was so nice, we had a great conversation, but quickly afterwards we both got sick. We had a gone over to a friend's house afterwards and B puked there. Lovely, so my excuse is that we were sick. It was still fun to have my parents here. My Dad gets Liam hyped up like no one else and Isla adores my Mom. No matter what, the kids are very loved when they're here!


  1. Oh no, can't believe you and B got sick after a nice dinner out! Could it have been food poisoning? At least you had a great visit with your parents.
    Hope you're feeling better and so is your little lady.
    Love the sibling cuddles in the photo. I can definitely relate to not knowing what day of the week it is, ha ha! Everyday is the same. :)

    Ally xox

  2. what can I say.....I so love those two little people and am happy they love me back!


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