Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm not sure how almost 2 months has gone by and I haven't blogged. I'm sorry. I would love to blog a few times a week, but just don't know how I could. I also doubt I'd have enough interesting things to say.

Well, instead of trying to create the most perfect post, I'll just post what I've got and let you know what's on my mind today. I love these photos and I hope they inspire you or move you in some way. These are some of my most favorite photos of my kids. I'm going to print some of them.

Our vacation was wonderful and I'd like to go back thank you very much! :) Reality has set in and already I feel overwhelmed with the demands of children, home and some big upcoming decisions about where we live and how it will all look.

We're also contemplating stopping Isla from nursing through the night. She's 14 months and the lack of sleep is finally getting to me. Has anyone ever done this? Our plan is to let B take over and tell her she can't nurse till its morning. I KNOW we will have one angry baby, but I think long term it will be good for all os us. A grumpy and tired mommy/wife isn't helpful to anyone. But  quite honestly, I'm terrified and sometimes I enjoy her warm little body snuggled up next to mine.

Thanks for reading this way overdue blog post :)
Lots of love....


  1. hey dana,
    beautiful photos as always. so nice that you were able to get away! the tranistion back to real life is always hard on the mommies! when my girls stopped nursing in the night (13 months or so) we did it the same way - jude took over. you'll have a couple hard nights i'm sure, but will be well worth it! think how happy she'll be to see you in the morning! good luck!

  2. Thanks Cheryl :) I just hope it works! I can't imagine having her up in the night and not having the option to nurse - what would I do with her?
    I'll let you know how it all goes.


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