Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm back! I've been meaning to blog for days, but babies wake when they're supposed to be sleeping and important conversations about birthday parties need to happen as do conversations about the intricacies of dealing with 4 year old behavior. We've also been a bit addicted to watching a series on TV so blogging has fallen off my radar. So, B is out tonight and the house is quiet and I've finally sat down at my computer. The only problem is my mind seems blank, so I'll just share some photos for now.  


  1. great photos dana! can you tell me more about what courses you've taken? i'm starting one with karen russell next week - very excited!

  2. Pictures say a thousand words!! These photos are so sweet.

  3. comments to go with the pictures in the field......smiling up at Nana as she hopes with a big smile that good old Nana will pick her up of this prickly straw.....what is my mom thinking?

    second picture......oh yuck is mom going to leave me in this straw for good?

    third picture.....if I just walk across this long, long field can I get back to Nana's cottage? Why are we out in this dry plowed field anyway???



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