Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've learned

Some stuff I've been learning as a parent:

I really don't know much.
Kids change constantly. Stages don't last.
Pray lots wherever you are.
Sleep when you can. 
Don't yell. It doesn't help.
I didn't need as much sleep as I once thought. 
Do what works. 
Babies are people. They are all different.
Hug and kiss them all the time. 
You need some good mom friends. 
Try not to compare. 
You don't own your kids bad behavior or their good.  (I know this in my head but I still blame myself all the time for their behavior)

Smores on the bar b q after dinner courtesy of Daddy. They were yummy! 

 She didn't get any yet though.

Nobody can get her to smile like Liam can.

She's really begun to enjoy eating with us. I've been reading a book called "Baby Led Weaning" which encourages eating the same foods as the family without mushing and spoon feeding. It's been working out so well. She loves food and its intriguing to watch her eat and figure out how to hold, chew and swallow food. I don't have to spend time make baby food like I did for Liam and she enjoys feeding herself. 

She's crazy busy, never stops moving and just a funny little person. Lots of personality in a small body. She gave me a kiss yesterday when I asked, she's growing so fast. 


  1. Beautiful children, photos, words...! And does Isla ever look like your dad! So sweet.

  2. Sarah's right. She looks so much like your Dad. Even has that gorgeous red hair. They're both just the cutest!! - Anne


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