Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look Who's Sitting?

That's right, sister is upright and she's lovin the new perspective! She's also army crawling all over the place, a busy little bee she is. I love watching her learn to move, Liam never crawled normally. He was a scooter (which you can see here ) and so I've never seen a baby like being on their tummy and progress to actually moving around! 

I also can barely get a drink with this girl around. She's in love with my water bottle. 

And this rockstar has learned how to ride with two wheels. The training wheels are off. He learned in about a day! 

He loves her and is so good with her. I love hearing him talk to her in the other room. He loves people more than anything else I think. He's so happy to have a sister.

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  1. Your cherubs are just beautiful Dana... can't believe your baby is already sitting!!! *hugs*



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