Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

When Liam was Isla's age, he slept through the night. He went to bed at a consistent time and woke only to feed and then went straight back to sleep. He cried all day and slept all night. He grew quickly and steadily. Isla is happy all day, she squeals at people she doesn't even know. She wakes up all night to feed. She is tiny and in the second percentile. She screams hysterically for the entire car ride where ever we go.  She loves her brother.

I think I thought having another baby would be like having another Liam. Well it isn't. I'm slowly learning and appreciating her for who she is. It feels freeing to accept her and just let her be her. She seems to need to nurse and be held more in the evenings than Liam ever did and that's ok, I've stopped trying to force her to do what Liam did at her age. I don't know why I thought she would be just like Liam.  She's Isla.  :)

Sometimes I want to just post random thoughts about what I'm thinking right now so in 10 months I can look back and laugh at how fast the time went and how much I stressed over something that was fleeting and ever changing. Maybe then if I ever have another one I will learn from my silliness. 

These photos are courtesy of B. I've finally made it into some photos! 

I found Liam sleeping in his room one afternoon with these Yoga blocks on him....strange.

I've been so neglectful of my camera and the blog lately. I've been exhausted and stressed about Isla's slow weight gain. Lots on my mind and not so excited about blogging. I want to remember these times though so I'll be back sooner hopefully.

I'm off to bed!! Goodnight!


  1. your musings are lovely! it is an important lesson to learn that each of your children is unique and individually blessed and a blessing! love the pictures, I think you have photography competition with Brian....thanks for posting! love you!

  2. Dana, I'm so glad to know that I wasn't the only Mom out there that had to realize that my second child wasn't the same as my first child. Finn was an amazing nurser! When it was time to eat, it was time to eat and nothing would distract him from the task at hand. Anna on the other hand was distracted by EVERYTHING! And with a big brother running around making noise, she almost never had a full, solid, eating time. At first it was super frustrating, but I too realized I had to let her be her!! Your posts are wonderful, I enjoy reading them. Please be encouraged!! :)

  3. Your family is amazing! And you are an incredible Mother and "B" is like the dad of the neighborhood! Haha... It is definitely hard to see past what you once knew as mothering and learn a entirely different child that you were so sure would be just like your first born. I know the feeling well! Also, your photographs are beautiful and black and whites melt my soul! Be proud of yourself Dana, you're raising a great family!!

    Your neighbor (who is always in awe of your awesomeness and fantastic sweat pants ;) ,


  4. I really enjoy reading your blog Dana. You are so sincere with your feelings and capable of putting everything into simple words.
    Your little Isla is so cute, she has such gentle expressions all the times (must be a girl's thing!). I see 90% of you in her. I hope she'll gain weight quicker so you have more peace of mind.She surely will grow so fast, no worries!
    The pics are beautiful. Liam is getting to be more handsome everyday.
    Trang Carbone.

  5. third photo is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, I am so happy to see *you* in these pics... I think it's so so important that us mummies make it into the photos with our children! You look beautiful and your love for your adorable Isla is so wonderful to see!


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