Friday, February 11, 2011

A window

Hi little mini! Isn't she so cute? Smiling away. A little baby on a big couch. 

Here is my view from "playtime in your room". My one hour of peace where Liam plays in his room "quietly" and I nurse Isla. This has been a work in progress and I have resorted to bribing him if he stays in there for the whole hour. He's allowed to come out to use the washroom of course. He's doing surprisingly well. 

The house is a mess, as you can see, but I don't care. Instead I'm watching Barefoot Contessa, wishing I had the time to make such lovely food. The truth is I'm lucky if I feed everyone in a day. I actually wish she would bring Jeffrey and come make us dinner. I think we'd get along. 

I love this time with just me and Isla and her sweet breath on me. I know she's going to get big quickly and naps will eventually become more normal. Instead of sleep training I'm deliberating life - where will we live next year, how do people sleep train and miss this, what's the difference between mac & cheese from whole foods and the regular store, church, kindergarten, introducing solids, a new pair of jeans, taking up running, my online shopping bag at Anthro, organic foods, breast feeding and repainting my table. Poor B, this is what awaits him. Lack of adult conversation makes me think too much on my own.

 See, she's already getting big. I'm trying to make her laugh, she's just about to, I can feel it.

Happy weekend!! Playtime is just about over. xo

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  1. Oh this post is so precious! Isla will cherish reading of these moments as a big girl. Love to see life with two settling in around you..the perfectly imperfect is so beautiful.


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