Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here he is slaying the villains. Halloween might just be Liam's favorite holiday right now. If you know Liam he is the dress up king. I think he wears a costume every day at some point during the day, often first thing in the morning before I've even gotten out of bed he is standing there beside me as Superman. I love it.  He decided to be batman this year, he tells me next year it's Spiderman. 

Here he is with his buddy Buzz. 

And on a completely different note., the Christmas Starbucks cups are back! I love them dearly. I grabbed one this morning after taking Liam to school and was very excited to see them, even if it does seem a bit early to think about Christmas. I was feeling grumpy about this baby being late and was easily cheered up by such a small thing. I'm off to enjoy one of my last mornings alone for a while with this lovely. xo


  1. Danes, just for the record, it is never too early to think about Christmas! I know you're a "warm weather" girl, but there is something so amazing about Christmas, snuggled up inside by the fire with the cold just outside the window.

    Kayla was late too, but when your little person arrives, you'll be thankful you had a wee bit more time before the big day. And what an amazing Christmas present they will be! (No doubt Liam will be more excited about your little bubs than any present, even a costume, to open on Christmas day.)

    Can't wait to hear the big news sister.

    Love Ally xox

  2. still waiting eh, dana? it's hard. both of mine were way over due and then i was induced. how far over are you? any plans in place? good luck. love your photos!


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