Friday, January 29, 2010



My lovely sister in law, Robynn gave me this necklace as a little reminder of our babe that left us before we even met. I love it just because it's for me. A little reminder of the life that was once there. In some way it is easy to forget and just move on, but I want to remember. I want people to ask me how I'm feeling about it and this necklace helps people to do that. Time has a way of lessening the hurts, which is good and necessary. But I still have moments where I remember what was supposed to be and how we would have been planning our trip home for the summer, but aren't.

Thank you Robynn for helping me to remember.


  1. That is so special that your wonderful sister-in-law did that for you. A very thoughtful and sweet gift, both the necklace and your relationship with her.
    Ally :)

  2. What a precious sister in law who is loving and thoughtful you have!
    My heart is with you, and like you I often think of where you would now be. But who knows what tomorrow may yet hold! How wonderful to know that God holds our past, our present and our future! And the children that belong to each of those places.


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