Monday, January 25, 2010

My lovely

How I Love this Little Face

Here he is in all his loveliness. This was taken right after nursery school, before we had lunch - most likely hummus and pretzels with apples. One of his go to lunches. When we were driving home from school, I turned around and looked at his face and asked him if I could take his picture when we got home because he just looked so very beautiful. And here it is. I knew that the moment was precious and fleeting, that one day I will look back on these times and long for them. PIcking him up from nursery school, talking about what he did, making him some lunch, putting him for a nap, tidying up - all the normal things of our day which right now seem so dull and monotonous will one day be far away and I know I will miss all of it.

I love having this blog to document some of these moments. I already love looking back even a year ago and seeing what he was doing, a glimpse into our life. Well, the moment is calling, spiderman is needing some attention.



  1. Awwww... that's a fantastic shot of your gorgeous little man! He is soooo adorable... Love it Dana... and I can completely relate on how we are going to miss these days once our little ones grow up one day... it's exactly the same reason why I blog too... my memory is fading in my old age LOL... so I need the blog to help me remember the everyday stuff so I can look back on it in years to come and reminisce... :)

  2. A great shot of Liam. So fun that you can have a conversation with him and interact with him about his day. Can't wait for that stage!
    Ally :)

  3. Ahhhh what a special picture of Liam. How nice to live in a time when you can chronicle all these special memories.
    So glad that you are living in the moment Dana, it is easy to wish the time away and then to long to have it back. I know, because that is what I sometimes do. It seems like yesterday that you were Liam's age.
    Keep the blog going, your fans are waiting for the next post!!!

  4. Dana - you are a wise woman and you have a tender heart. I feel tugs at my own through your words and pictures. Your blog is a gift to all who are privileged to share in it.
    Liam looks older in this photo - all traces of baby are gone! One day he won't clamber up on your lap or seek the shelter of your arms to soothe his hurts. And when that day comes, you will look at these photos and smile, and cherish the memory of the time when he did. And you will look at the young man he has become, and you will wonder at how it all happened, and at the immense privilege of having been able to be a part of the growing.


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