Sunday, October 18, 2009

He did it!!

We're out of diapers!!! I'm thrilled. Liam is currently running faster now. 
I was a bit terrified this would never happen as he had a severe reaction to anything to do with potty training, but Brian helped, we prayed and he actually wanted to. 

Here is the little stinker giving some attitude. 



  1. I love his attitude....I love this little guy! Not a stinker any more....since he has started being on the big boy potty!

  2. Nice, now you can make trips to Toys R Us with no worries! ha ha I just put some diapers in the diaper caddy tonight...I have a long road, don't I? Tell Liam Aunty Ally is super proud of him!
    Way to go big boy. :)

  3. Congrats Day! I know Sarah is trying with Jack and is having a hard time, so I'll tell her you succeeded!

  4. Becca, everyone says with boys, wait till there 3. Hope Sarah doesn't get too discouraged, I think Liam was ready, maybe more than ready?

  5. Just looking at Liam's sass face and not too sure why, but it reminds me of someone...hmmm, who could that be? Danes, any ideas? Maybe if you crimp Liam's hair it might jog my memory...ha ha ha!
    xox Ally


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