Thursday, September 24, 2009


These guys are some of our dear friends here. Liam goes to nursery school with Sammy and I'm glad we ended up putting them in the same one. Whenever we ask Liam what he did in school he says, "Played with Sammy". Brian challenged him to find out one other child's name at school this morning. I think they feel safer being together, not that Liam is too afraid of being on his own however.

While the boys were at school this morning, we ladies had planned a little photo shoot which ended after about 3 pictures because I had not recharged my extra camera battery. I have now learned my lesson, glad it was with a friend, sorry Laurel! 
Isn't Evyn just lovely?


  1. love them!!!! thank you!!
    And Evyn, quit eating grass!

  2. Sammy and Evyn are so their blond hair and cute smiles. Tell Laurel she did "good" !!


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