Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The other day Brian put a band aid on Liam's finger and Liam came running over to me at the table where I was sitting with a friend and said "Look mommy, this band aid don't slow me down!" and then proceeded to run. He has this way of talking and explaining things very matter of "factly" (can i make that a word?) where he uses his hand and nods his head to the side as though he is just getting his point across. He frequently does this for a popsicle. At about 9:00 in the morning - "Hey mommy, it's really very hot outside I think I might need a didi (ie: word for popsicle). Perfect time for the hand and head tilt. It's really quite obvious mom.....




  1. he is so cute, my heart is breaking because I just want to hug him! Can hardly wait for you to come for a visit......did you want to leave him with us for about three weeks?

  2. I love that Liam is becoming more animated (adding the hands and the head) when illustrating a point. There is nothing wrong with that! :)
    Wonder how many bandaids it would take to slow Liam down? We could do an experiment when you come back to the mother land. My guess is 10 boxes. I'll make sure they're Curious George, of course.
    Allison :)

  3. Whoa Danes, I would so take Nana up on her offer. Just think, 3 weeks...ha ha! It's a win-win situation. Then Liam can also spend more time with his favourite Aunty Ally! I think we should sort out the details...


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