Monday, April 27, 2009


Liam either has me laughing or on the verge of tears lately. I always heard of terrible twos but it is a different thing to experience them firsthand. Two also lends itself to some very hilarious one liners as well. Thought I would share a few recent ones with you.

While changing the diaper: "Maybe when Curious gets bigger he can change my poo"

After asking me about 2001 questions and me mumbling that I don't know, he responds with: "Give me an answer mommy"

Liam falls apart crying about some minor thing he asks: "why I cry or why I say no?" 

or when asked a question like do you want milk or water: " what's liam going to say?" (in a singsong voice)

Lately he has been telling me constantly "Mommy you look so pretty" or "Mommy you look handsome". He really is sweet and manages to say it when I am feeling at my worst. We keep telling him that only boys look handsome though.




  1. Ha ha, I think you should compare your Liam quotes with little Dana quotes, cause you are two peas in a pod! Such highlights include: "I am making a peanut butter and grape sandwich, and don't you forget it." and the always popular "Lift them yourself Aunty Gail." (in response to a diaper change).
    Uh, perhaps I should not have posted this on the blog for all to read, but I do it in the spirit of love and old sister teasing!
    PS - you should totally train Curious to do some household jobs, Liam is on to something there!
    Love Ally xox

  2. Liam is too cute and I am so glad that you are posting some of his sayings for all time.....can you imagine what his kids will be like? The delights seem to increase with every generation....Ally is quite right to remind you or your own "cuticisms" a made up word of course.....but it fits!
    You are a good mommy!
    Your Mommy!

  3. But boys can definitely be beautiful, too, now can't they?


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