Sunday, November 2, 2008

How cute is 2?

These are from this week's photography assignment that I did shooting in different locations around the house. Liam was quite cooperative and we had so much fun being silly together and finding fun new locations. I'm learning a ton through this course and it is really fun too. I'm so thankful to be taking it. 

I'm trying to think of some things to share with you about our life these days, but I'm not sure how to share right at this moment. Ask away and I would be happy to answer, but for now, I'm off to bed. the time change always exhausts me!


  1. the pictures are so cute....request: I would like to see him in his pumpkin outfit.

  2. I cannot believe how big he has grown! What an adorable little man!

  3. Dana, those pictures are some of the best. I'm glad you are taking the course.
    I just expect Liam to pop out of the picture and start to laugh. He looks great in black.
    Question: What did Liam do with the extra hour?

  4. He looks QUITE handsome, and what a good little poser!
    You are really good at catching those looks he has in his eyes. There is so much behind those eyes! Waay beyond his years!

  5. he is just delish!!!love that first expression...

  6. ummm... It think 2 is pretty darn cute. he is such a handsome little cutie patootie. cuter and cuter every day I think. Your flare photos are great Dana! You're doing so well. how are ya? xo


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