Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pardon me?

Liam's favorite thing to say lately is "On the Bum". He says it to strangers who say hi to him most the time. The other day a lady in store said to Liam "Hello there, aren't you cute" which Liam replied with "On the Bum". The lady smiled awkwardly and said "what was that?" to which Liam promptly said "On the bum" again and shot her a smile like this. She didn't stay to finish this intriguing conversation.

Where's Waldo (which was Liam's obsession for the summer months) has been replaced with "yeeya" which mean Jesus. He loves this little Jesus Bible he has and wants to find all the stories with Jesus' picture in them. He tells Jesus to "get up Yeeya" when he is sitting down or "Yeeya in le wawa" when there is a pic of him in the water. When he sees the picture of Jesus on the cross he says "Thanks Yeeya" :) This morning I was looking at Yeeya with him and I asked him if Jesus was his favorite person in this book and he said no! Yiam! (Liam). I thought he was confused and asked him again showing him his favorite pictures of Jesus in the book and he still said no!! Yiam!! I laughed and thought how true that statement really is for me too.


  1. What happened to Minya? That was a funny stage, and I am looking forward to an "on the bum" conversation with Liam sometime.
    He does have a way with words, ha ha!
    xox Ally

  2. There is a lot of humour expressed in people's reaction to "on the bum". Look at his grin and smiling eyes inviting you to join his innocent world of "on the bum"
    And no one wants to finish that conversation. Tell Liam Grandma Bec will!!

  3. Oh, Dana! What a wise and wonderful mum you are!! I'm so happy for you! In this crazy, mixed up world we live in - you've found your peace through right priorities. Hang on to those priorities. And some day, when your little one is grown and gone, you will have the contentment of your memories, the knowledge that you really have done your best with stewarding his life for the time it was yours to steward, and the happy anticipation of his visits home again!!
    Love, Patricia.


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