Monday, September 22, 2008

No pictures

Our computer crashed last week and we are in the midst of retreiving images off of it and hoping that it is salvagable. So, I don't have new pictures to share. But I will share a story, yesterday while we were driving in the car home from church, I passed Liam an apple and I heard a little "I ya ya" which is how he says I love you, he said it again and then I asked him if he just said I love you and he said ya and did this cute smile. Melted my little heart. What more does a mama want to hear? That was the first time he said it on his own.

Hopefully we will get our computer back. I have some apple picking pictures to share.


  1. That is just so sweet! I hope you are able to get everything off of your computer. It is times like these that I think I really should be backing things up...hmm, maybe tomorrow :)

  2. Dana, he is going to melt many hearts. I'm glad you are one of them - the first one!!

  3. he has already melted my has his mom!
    thanks for sharing the words even though there are no pictures. I hope you get the computer going without too much trouble or cost.


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