Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Whole Bunch

So, here are lots of pictures for you to see. This camera sure is lovely. I am loving taking pictures of him and some other kids around here. Thanks again for all the nice comments and e-mails about the blog. I feel honoured that you check up on us and care to know how we are doing.

I like this one, it is dreamy looking to me.
Liam loves his Crocs. He would wear them everywhere if he could.
His first little cuts on his knees.
Peeking out his swing
There is a grocery store here that gives out balloons at the cash. Liam always lets his go. So, here he is saying bye to the balloon. I was actually trying to get my camera before he let them go, but he just couldn't wait.

This encompasses Liam these days - saying see ya to the stroller. It is close to impossible for me to take him for a walk in the stroller. He just screams "A Da" which means all done!!
Strawberry Face with a bonk on the head from falling on the sidewalk.


  1. ohhhhh they are so cute!! thanks for posting more pictures....I love the flowers but the ones of Liam are far better!
    His knees look so cute, nice that it is so warm there.
    I miss you and Liam oh and Brian so much!!
    And look at this I beat Robynn here!!!
    You are getting so good with that camera. Keep it clicking!
    Mom/Nana/Hope depending who is talking to me!!!

  2. by the way I just noticed that Liam and Bumpa have the same plaid shorts!!
    It will be funny to see them together in their plaidy's. Florida boys!

  3. Hey, he so looks like a little man now. Glad he's still enjoying his food so much. What a cutie!

  4. Poor baby knees! I guess he is officially a little boy now, and not a baby.

  5. Uncle thinks Liam may need a helmet. He's always got a bruise on his forehead.


  6. I agree with Uncle J! Every time I see Liam he has a bump or bruise on his head! hee hee...
    see you in 20 days =0)

  7. he is a beautiful little guy!!
    and he looks so much like nana.

    love from lorraine, a friend of nana's.


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