Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Things...

Grandparents and chocolate. Good for both me and Liam. Grandparents help and give me a bit of a break with someone else to adore little Liam and chocolate cookie batter, well that is just one of my favorite things. It was so nice to have you here Nana and Bumpa, thanks for loving our little Liam so much - but I know it isn't hard.

Can you tell? Liam got a haircut again. A little too much got cut off for me, but he does looks cute. I did almost yell at the lady to stop cutting!! Instead, I was just sad about it all afternoon.

I'm really not sure if you could get any cuter than this little face


  1. I think the cookie batter pic is my favorite pic of him ever.
    By the way, your mom is YOUNG!

  2. I agree with chaps, that picture is golden! Cute haircut!

  3. I love Chaps!!!! She thinks your mom is YOUNG!
    Young at heart at least. Next time I come I will have to meet this young lady.
    I love the picture with chocolate face, can sure tell that he is your son, looks like you when you were little. You loved chocolate and cookie dough, but not whipping cream.
    I miss Liam so much, having Liam withdrawl, very painful!
    Having Dana and B withdrawl as well.
    Thanks for the wonderful weekend with all of you!


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