Monday, May 19, 2008


Our first year in seminary is over! God has been good to us during this year despite some of the biggest challenges we have ever faced together. Could have been much worse though. But, I'm happy it is all done. I am enjoying Brian's company these last few days and so is Liam.

We found this little creek behind some houses, fun for Liam and a great place for pictures.
I think he is looking at a dog in this one and yes, the neighbour knew he was peeking in. And there is me in the relection.

One of Liam's favorite pastimes is doing buckles, therefore he loves the swing because he can do the buckles over and over again. He also enjoys the highchair for the same reason. Must be a stage?
Who says boys clothes aren't cute? Look at this hat!
Not totally crisp, but still my precious boy.
Thanks for comments on "Sammy". They loved the picture.


  1. Hey Danes
    So glad that you guys are getting a break together! It's nice to focus on family during down time and makes that time so much more special. Hope the beginning of your summer is a great one - very cute hat indeed!
    Love Ally xox

  2. You made it! Enjoy your time together as a family.

  3. these are so old heart nearly breaks every time I open these pictures up. I am so glad that you blog and keep us posted on the changes that are occuring in Liam so rapidly.
    Love you all, and proud of all of you as well.

  4. Great shot of 2 people we love - brings back a lot of memories. Nothing better than a little person holding your hand.


  5. Love those pics of B and Liam. Daddys and sons are so cute together. Makes me want a little boy. A blue one, you know.


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