Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmastime and the Livin' is Easy

It has been quite some time since I lasted posted. Here is a taste of what we have been doing in the meantime. We have had such a nice break and it has felt long and somewhat restful. Now we have to get back to real life and it is not easy. So thankful for all the time we spent with our families and friends. We truly miss you!

We had a wee Christmas, just the three of us before we left for Toronto

This is in Toronto, Liam's first time sitting and playing in the snow. (We're still waiting for snow in Philly)

Christmas morning with my parents. I have more but still haven't downloaded them

Boxing day with our friends from New Zealand (minus Allison)
Now we are in Florida and Liam is in his robe

It was fun for him to have stairs to climb wherever we went

This pic is for your Robynn (notice the toes on the right)

And unpacking with some new boots from Nana
The other day we went to a fun museum for kids downtown. They had a ton of stuff that Liam adores, such as buses.
Liam is just paying his fare...

and himself


  1. oh love these pictures dana...i miss Liam, keep posting!

  2. Danes
    Love that pic of Liam running in the one piece with the crazy smile! Just to clarify, did you mean (except Allison) as meaning not from New Zealand or not your friend? Ha ha, Jamie said it was the latter of the two! :)
    Hope you are all great and that "on the playground is where you spend most of your days"...
    Love Ally


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