Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogging at Night...

This somehow seems to make me more sentimental. I feel like I could write pages about Mr. Liam and all his funny and lovely "things" that make him him.

Lately, I have been following this lady's blog and marveling at her gorgeous photos. So happy, so full of life. She tragically lost her daughter, Ava, last year. She shares her life and her grief in a beautiful way and very honestly. I don't know Ava, but in some strange way I too miss her and wish she was still here. Here is the blog It is worth a peek.

I really do long to appreciate and enjoy this little person God has given to us in this season of his and my life. I know it will pass far too quickly. He truly is a treasure.

Here he is enjoying his oreo cookie.

P.S. Is it ok to give one year olds oreos? I may be ruining his tastebuds for life, but how can I resist this face and his "ma"


  1. I think that oreos are one of the food groups that help develop smiles and joy.
    A little goes a long way.
    He is so precious and i could eat him up as an oreo.
    It is so nice to see you enjoying him so much Dana.

  2. Whoa, where did those chompers come from? He's like a little cookie monster, but not so blue. I think Oreos are okay...just don't let him get in the habit of licking off the icing and then throwing the cookie part in the garbage!
    He continues to be a cutie pie of a guy. Love the smiles,


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