Sunday, November 4, 2007

my little monkey

Liam was a monkey for halloween. It seemed appropriate since he scoots on his bum like a monkey. He loved halloween!! He was handing out candy to everyone and loved getting candy too. I think he likes the peanut butter chocolate the best, like me...

He really did look cute, here he is kissing the pumpkin. Who carved that ugly pumpkin anyway?

Lifting the very heavy pumpkin
Eating chocoalte before he even goes out
The monkey in action
Just being cute on our blow up mattress waiting for Grandma to come


  1. so very cute-of that kiss shot and his wee face in the monkey:)

  2. Awesome that Liam dressed in honour of his favourite mode of transportation. Yeah, carving pumpkins, not as easy as it looks eh? Must have been the pumpkin, not that Liam seemed to mind! Glad you're having fun!
    Aunty Ally


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