Tuesday, September 4, 2007

too much energy...

Our crazy little man after dinner. He has a ton of energy and also loves dogs, he screams dogs "da da" all day!! We thought this was funny.


  1. so funny!!!..lol.....jak and I watched this and will show the others...he is a nut! miss you

  2. a wild and crazy guy!!!
    can't wait to see him.
    miss you lots and lots.

  3. That is the FUNNIEST video ever! Ted and I were laughing so hard in the LIBRARY...we were getting looks...miss you =0)

  4. Whoa, that guy needs to get walking. That is the funniest thing ever! I love how he pauses to pet B on the cheek and then go buck again.
    Perhaps you should sign him up for baby rodeo at the kinder gym.
    Ha ha!
    Muah - big kiss to Liam!

  5. Hi Dana

    I enjoyed your pictures of Liam and your new home. I can't believe how much he has changed since I last saw him. I was remembering last October. You have come along way especially feeding Liam eggplant. Keep him away from the grapefruit extract:)Take care and keep the pitures coming

  6. My grand nephew is getting cuter and cuter each day. He just might get kidnapped by his grand aunt when you come up for a visit next month! BEWARE! And I'm sure his grandma will help accomplish the task!!

    love you and miss you lots,

    Aunt Ruth


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